Is the travel industry a good place to begin your journey as an entrepreneur?

  1. Do you have Product-Founder fit?
    Generally, yes, people would find a good fit with the travel industry. To most of us, its relatabe. Its exciting. We’ve all gone on trips — big or small — and all found gaps in the trip planning resources available online.
  2. If its such an exciting space, how crowded is the competitive map? Well. Incredibly crowded. There’s already hundreds of services trying to improve the way we travel. You have your day tours (eg. Tours by Locals) where you go around with a local guide. Or you have your Travel-Tinder (eg. Jetzy) where you can…

By Mid-March 2020 New York City — the city that never sleeps — was forced into lockdown. The lively combination of busy restaurants, bustling streets, crowded subways, packed theatres and fast-talking denizens were stripped of their energy as everyone retreated into a socially distanced hibernation. Some pronounced New York City dead forever.

But, one year later, we are seeing signs of the city coming back to life. While the crowds haven’t fully returned, the restaurants, neighborhood cafes, theatres, delis, parks, street vendors, and local watering holes are beginning to reemerge. …

And why we need to be careful of the content we consume

Donie O’Sullivan, the CNN reporter, presented one of the most gripping guest lectures I have sat through at Cornell Tech. This lecture revolved around how seemingly harmless tools ( eg. Facebook events — even those designed to spread good) can be used to take advantage of and spread discord and violence in the community. He was the reporter who was key in discovering the involvement of Russian agents in organizing protests for pro-Islam and anti-Islam at the very same time (related article can be found here) in 2016. These Facebook groups would outrage and inspire the members of the group…

Sachi Angle

Almost an Entrepreneur, also dabble extensively in SWE, ML, and all things creative

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